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  • Vista Editorial Podcasts

    Stephen Elliott-Buckley's Political Editorial Podcasts and Vista Video Podcasts at PoliticsReSpun.org

  • HD

    Port Matters

    The Port Matters podcast is a production of the Communications and Community Services department at the Port of San Diego. It serves as a rich media supplement to certain press releases and provides an educational resource for the public regarding affairs that encompass the San Diego Bay.

  • Inside the NYPD

    Inside the NYPD is the official podcast of the New York City Police Department. Episode 14 - Volume 2, Episode 4 - NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agents put their lives on the double yellow line to ensure the flow of traffic and the public’s safety on city streets. (TRT 7:00)

  • Inside CFR Events (Video)

    A chance to go inside Council on Foreign Relations events. Watch world leaders and foreign policy experts discuss and debate the most pressing issues in international affairs.

  • The American Cancer Society

    In the American Cancer Society Powerful Choices podcast series, we'll give you the information you need to make good choices to improve your health and reduce your cancer risk, including recent news, tips, tools, and more. In this podcast, you’ll get a hold of some ideas on how to get some exercise even though it’s a busy and stressful time of year, as well as hear more about why cancer screenings are so important in a cancer survivor’s own words.

  • Disability Law Lowdown Video Podcast

    The Disability Law Lowdown Video Podcast delivers the latest in disability rights information in sign language.

  • RPD Behind the Badge

    The Redlands Police Department discusses crime tips and activity as well as community issues in Redlands, California. Redlands Police Chief Jim Bueermann learns about the challenges of police work in post-Apartheid South Africa from Johannesburg Police Chief Mzwandile "Chris" Ngcobo, during the Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.

  • AADL Events - Video

    AADL is pleased to offer on-demand video of past library events and other AADL productions. AADL hosts gaming events, author talks, local celebrities and much more. We tape many of these events and in this podcast you will find the iPod video versions. You can find high quality and other downloads of events at http://aadl.org/video Five years ago, Michigan's corrections crisis became a major public policy issue. The prison population was growing rapidly, as were the costs to taxpayers. Thousands of prisoners were returning to their communities on parole after completing their sentences - with unacceptable and sometimes dangerous results: nearly half were back in prison within two years. Today, the Michigan Prisoner ReEntry Initiative is transforming corrections practices and policies. Join us to learn more about this important topic for community discussion and involvement. A panel of returning citizens will speak about their experiences transitioning back into the community alongside MPRI professionals who will discuss the initiative and its many benefits. Among the panelists for this evening presentation will be Mary King, MPRI Community Coordinator for Washtenaw County.


    STRATFOR video and audio analysis of globally significant events: political, economic, military and security.

  • POLICE Podcasts

    Police Magazine Podcasts: Listen in on conversations and interviews with other law enforcement professionals, authors, leaders, and others with a message for cops.