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  • Autism Parenting Magazine

    Helping parents with children on the Autistic Spectrum deal with sensory, social and behavioral issues through real life stories and treatment options

  • Life Coach Jam: Insights & Tips on Life | Love | Body | with Weight Loss Coach for Women + Marriage & Relationship Specialist

    On Life Coach Jam, two life coaches use real life examples to explain how they have helped their clients learn to "think like you mean it" and "love your life on purpose." They also laugh, have fun, surprise each other and learn as they teach. To learn more about Weight Loss Coach for Women CJ Blaquera go to www.CJCoaches.com. To learn more about Marriage & Relationship Specialist Maggie Reyes, go to www.ModernMarried.com.

  • Buy HCG - The Keys to a Successful Weight Loss

    HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a prescription hormone that is naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant women. For more information On buy hcg click here http://nuimagemedical.com

  • Afinitor Cost

    A complete information about Afinitor uses and its cost.

  • Beauty Maximized

    Beauty Maximized is a fun, fabulous, and entertaining show featuring Beauty Tutorials and more that are designed to Maximize Your Look, Maximize Your Style, Maximize Your Confidence, and Maximize your Beauty.

  • Daily Adventure Tales

    Retirement can be a shock to the identity. Targeted to baby boomers, The Daily Adventure Tales podcast encourages listeners to try new things, discusses weight loss, body issues, retirement identity, stretching a buck and anything else that hits me as a recently retired baby boomer, while I try a new approach to life through the lens of adventure. I also speak with others who have had success or are in the midst of transforming their lives.

  • Root Canal (The Controversy)

    Advantages of root canal therapy: It's ability to relieve acute pain, keep your own tooth, and avoid other procedures that could be quite invasive. It also holds the arch integrity so that the teeth don’t collapse into a space. Disadvantages: The elimination of the internal blood supply of the tooth, which becomes subject to infections. The tooth becomes more brittle and requires a crown to maintain its integrity. It may also be systemically challenging to an immuno-compromised patient.

  • The You Get Ripped Fitness Podcast

    Your number one source for fitness, nutrition and workout motivation. You will learn how to workout and maximize your muscle gains and burn fat and stay lean at the same time., build muscle, stay lean

  • The Deeper Meditation Podcast

    Learn to meditate your way, and learn all the tips, tricks and hacks for making meditation much easier. The podcast features guided meditation techniques and lots of info for beginners and advanced students. The Official Podcast of Tom Von Deck, Author of Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course.

  • Simple Solutions for Snoring

    Pretty much everyone snores on occasion. However, if a persons snoring occurs frequently, it can become distrustful and problematic for other members within the same household. It can affect the quality and quantity of your sleep.