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  • Real Warriors, Real Advice

    Real Warriors, Real Advice is a podcast series in which warriors, veterans and military families highlight the importance of seeking care for invisible wounds and offer tools and tips on building and maintaining psychological resilience.

  • Spa Brunch Travel & Health Podcast

    Join host, Candy Holladay as she takes listeners on a stress-relieving, relaxing virtual vacation to unique luxury retreats then dishes out food, lifestyle, decorating and fitness tips to bring it home! Produced by Art of the Spa, a lifestyle company devoted to bringing spa home through decor and nesting strategies.  Spa Brunch host, Candy Holladay, has been dubbed the "Martha" of the robe and slipper set, is a spa expert who’s been featured on The Today Show, CBS, PBS, Fox News and in print.

  • Natural Home Remedies And Other Holistic Remedies

    New Era Remedies As Alternative TNatural home remedies with medicina ayurveda makes the very crux of holistic remedies that are so much in demand today. These holistic remedies aimed at permanently curing the illnesses by the use of magical herbal remedies. Also some individual alternative health practitioners have come up with cures that are more promising and hassle free than the other available medications. These are better known as new era remedies. Home remedies have been a source of effective alternative treatment for the chronic lifestyle diseases such as Yeast Infection, Weight Loss, Urinary Tract Infection, Tinnitus, Sore Throat, Sciatica, Psoriasis, Piles, Ovarian Cyst, Moles Skin Tags Warts, Liver Cirrhosis, Kidney Stones, Kidney Disease, Heartburn, Hair Fall, Gout, Fatty Liver, Eczema, Cough, Constipation, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Breast Enhancement, Bacterial Vaginosis, Acne. These natural home remedies often use holistic alternative medicine as their ingredients. These time-tested herbal remedies also use other natural remedies to cure diseases naturally and permanently with a proper holistic approach. Treating a disease through medicines and drugs will never leave you fully relieved. They will never attack the root cause of the problem. They will rather make you fully dependent on them. From here the main problem starts as you are continuously buying big problems for you. And there will come one day when your body is the home to all these diseases.reatment