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  • May We Help You Radio Network

    May We Help You?'s Radio Show will be your daily one stop entertainment network! Tune in throughout the week to hang out with our Host who will prepare you for Business and Entertainment, help you Spiritually with daily struggles, get you fit Mentally and Physically, Introduce you to the best Books Available, Provide you with Cooking Tips, Relationship Help, and have you dancing to the best music on air. Learn more at www.mwhyradio.com

  • Bliss Bringers

    What's your pleasure? Polyamory? kink? Swinging? Treesomes? BDSM? Podcast dedicated to helping people find their bliss. We talk about swinging, kink, bdsm, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory and everything in between.

  • The Health Bridge

    Health solutions from East to West.

  • Meet the 100

    They're not celebs but their knowledge could change your life. Many are local and many are local moms. Many are Bay Area residents you'd be proud to know.

  • eDiabetes Review

    Expert analysis and insight for physicians and nurses managing patients with type 2 diabetes. Literature Review Newsletters focus on a single topic, followed by podcast case-based discussions.

  • Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast

    Pilates on Fifth Video Podcast offers 2-3 minute weekly online Pilates training videos as well as longer workouts which provide tips anyone can use to get the most out of Pilates exercises. For fitness enthusiasts and infrequent exercisers alike, the Pilates instruction teaches how to perform Pilates exercises with proper technique and form to achieve greater core strength, flatter abdominals and more toned muscles. You will lose weight, improve your posture and have fun! Pilates on Fifth is a New York City fitness studio providing Pilates, GYROTONIC® and CARDIOLATES® to dancers, actors, athletes, models and corporate executives throughout Manhattan! Visit www.PilatesOnFifth.com for more information. The Long Plank Series strengthens your core and makes your push ups better! This is an important exercise for developing the ab strength needed to protect the lower back in all exercises, especially those that can strain the back if not careful. Adding leg lifts further challenges core strength, so be careful not to progress faster than your strength allows! Visit www.PilatesOnFifth.com to learn more about Pilates.

  • Insidermedicine Daily News (Video)

    Insidermedicine is a daily health and medical video news service created by a leading physicians. Our content library contains videos in many languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, on over 100 different diseases. Joining the likes of the Associated Press and Reuters, Insidermedicine's newstories are featured by Google News and The News Room. April 25, 2007 Patients with HIV who are treated with protease inhibitors have an increased risk of heart attack, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Combination antiretroviral therapy has had a dramatic effect in reducing illness and death associated with the HIV virus, however an earlier study showed that the risk of heart attacks increased by 17% with every year a patient spent on antiretroviral. It isn’t known, though, whether all antiretroviral drugs carry this risk. The assessment of the role of any specific drug is difficult because patients with HIV usually receive a combination of drugs, and often switch regimens because of the availability of newer substances, adverse events, or drug regimen failure. Previous studies have shown a relationship between the use of protease inhibitors, a class of antiretroviral drug, and cardiovascular disease, but there is little information on the risks associated with another class of antiretroviral therapy called nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors. In this study, more than 23,000 patients infected with the HIV virus were assessed to determine the incidence of heart attack and the association between heart attack and exposure to protease inhibitors or nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors. Confirming the earlier results, the researchers found the risk of having a heart attack increased by 16% per year of exposure to protease inhibitors alone, which is equal to twice the risk over five years. Not such effect was observed with nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors. It is thought that protease inhibitors raise the level of blood lipid, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Patients treated with protease inhibitors should have their cholesterol and blood pressure levels monitored, and take steps to reduce their lifestyle-related risk factors. This includes maintaining a healthy weight, eating a low-fat diet rich in fruits in vegetables, and getting regular exercise. Reporting for Insidermedicine, I'm Dr. Susan Sharma.

  • Triumph Over Hepatitis C ::. podcasts

    The audio / video Blog of Lloyd Wright ::: Hepatitis C Researcher : Survivor

  • HD


    ThaiBody is your definitive guide to Thai Bodybuilding and Fitness. Our website has news stories and competition results with exclusive photo and video material. Check out this video feed for the latest video previews of upcoming features.

  • CalYoga - Yoga Instruction & Video Podcast

    CalYoga Video Learning Series.Join Master Instructor Byron Miller for the Calyoga Ashtanga Learning Series. These 2-3 minute video vignettes are "to the point", easy to use, and designed with today's active lifestyles in mind.Cal Yoga specializes in private and public instruction of Hatha Yoga, including variations of Ashtanga, Martial Arts, Pilates and Tai Chi, Qigong and Ballet. The revolving version of the triangle is designed to lengthen the spine, spiraling energy and motion from the scarum to the crown of the head.